Can't find Axiom


03-11-2007 23:09:50

Hi all,

I notice that the GUI project is removed from the Samples workspace in the latest binary of MOGRE. I'm trying to compile it after having added it to the workspace, but I'm apparently missing the namespace Axiom.

I've added MOIS, Mogre, MogreFramework, Mogre.CEGUI and CeguiDotNet as project references, but I still can't find this namespace.

Any suggestions, have I done something dumb? Better yet, what GUI library is everyone using if this one is deprecated?


03-11-2007 23:46:44

Hi there!

If I remember right, the CEGUI part of Mogre is badly outdated and probably doesntwork right. This is probably the reason why it has been removed.

Also, I think there are newer UI systems that might be more promising that CEGUI. Look for MyGUI, BetaGUI, QuickGUI, RBGui and OpenGUI. I dont kow if there are C# wrappers available for thoses systems, but you could probably create a simple wrapper in MC++ in a few hours.

I dont know about that axiom stuff, I am not familiar with it at all. All I know is that OIS (or MOIS) seems to be the preffered way to process mouse/keyboard/joystick input nowadays.



04-11-2007 08:37:16

Thanks for the info. I have further questions but the topic will be different so I'll start another thread.

Have a great day!


16-11-2007 22:39:16

AXIOM is a ogre complete managed port (which is kinda outdated and somewhat abandoned) ... that sample makes reference to the input handling assemblies of axiom..

but i tried with the most recent version of axiom but that sample i think makes reference to a very old version of it.. because the namespaces are changed

so yes.. that gui sample should be awfully outdated.. thats why it got removed

hope this helps 8)


17-11-2007 14:54:58

actually Axiom has been updated recently ... /Main_Page
Haven't tried it so can't comment, but at least someones maintaining it


20-11-2007 03:24:53

Didn't Axiom get turned into Visual 3D.NET?


20-11-2007 07:00:51

Actually, I believe the Multiverse guys took it over:


24-11-2007 18:50:57

realm forge guys .. are the developers.. they say its not based on realmforge or axiom and they did a completely new rednering engine this time...

yeah axiom still had a new version a couple of months ago.. but i think that engine is doom will just dissapear with the time as there are not too much supporters :P