QuickGUI problem with texture


05-11-2007 09:40:22

Window win = new Window("Window", new Vector4(0.5f, 0.5f, 1.0f, 1.0f),
"???????", null);

How to appy correct skin ? I've look on the QuiGUI wiki but don't really understand.


05-11-2007 15:38:44


Could you give me more details ? I am not sure to understand what the problem is.



05-11-2007 15:46:59

Question is: How format the param "texture" (quote "???????")

la Question est: Comment on format le parametre de texture, là où j'ai mis les points d'interogation.


05-11-2007 19:00:35

You should never try to create Widgets manually, unless you know what parameters to pass in. Try QuickGUI::Sheet::createWindow instead.

Also, is it possible to update to the latest zip release I posted? v0.9.6 is pretty old, and the new version is much more mature, with a lot of features.


05-11-2007 20:55:04

public override void CreateScene()
sceneMgr.AmbientLight = new ColourValue(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f);

Light l = sceneMgr.CreateLight("MainLight");
l.Position = new Vector3(20, 80, 50);
sceneMgr.SetSkyBox(true, "Examples/CloudyNoonSkyBox");

Sheet s = GUIManager.Singleton.createSheet();
Console.WriteLine("----- QGUI Defaut skin: " + s.getDefaultSkin());

s.createWindow(new Vector4(0.2f, 0.5f, 1.0f, 1.0f), QGuiMetricsMode.QGUI_GMM_RELATIVE, QGuiMetricsMode.QGUI_GMM_RELATIVE);


05-11-2007 20:59:21

Like the exception says, it cannot find any material with the name "qgui.window". But... is that version 0.9.5? :shock: Is it difficult to upgrade QGUI to the "0.9.7 early stages" release? The code is really outdated.. :(


05-11-2007 21:14:53

Yes, i've found here: http://mogre.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mogre/trunk/MQuickGUI/

I did not know that a new version exist ^^

I have images from QuickGUI for the skin... there is need to make a .material file ?


05-11-2007 21:46:47

In older versions of QuickGUI, which still made use of Ogre Overlays, the widget textures were defined in material scripts. This is not true currently. Back when 0.9.5 was being used, a material file was already included for use. My best advice is to try and upgrade MQuickGUI to use the latest release. I can't help too much otherwise, its been a while and the code is nowhere near the same as it was back then. :(


06-11-2007 10:48:22

some body translate the 9.7 version for Mogre ?


13-11-2007 01:10:28

Hi guys. I am the "porter" of QuickGUI to MOGRE (MQuickGUI)

MQuickGUI is working on overlays, I try to port to the last version of QG (not using overlays, instead uses Textures, with render queues, etc), but it never works, I dont know about Render Queues, so.. if you dont know about something you cant do things about that..

MQuickGUI can work with SKINS. You need to define the materials named "skin.window.titlebar.button.down" where the prefix "skin" is the name of the skin.

Sorry for my english.


13-11-2007 10:10:27

thank's a lot for answer ^^


13-11-2007 17:20:22

Do you mean you get compiler errors when compiling the more recent versions of the library?

How do you go about porting it to MOGRE? Maybe I can take a look and try to help in some way?


15-01-2008 17:39:47

can you solve the problem?

I have the same problem and can't solve it.