Begin With Ogre 3d


12-11-2007 12:04:26

im new with Ogre 3D. Today, i tried to install Ogre 3D in my computer, and tried it, but i couldnt.
Well, i have installed DirectX SDK, Ogre 3D SDK (Mogre) and the Visual Studio Wizard. After, i create a project of Ogre and built it. When i execute the exe file, always appear and error.
I have read the installation wiki, and i did all the steps two times.
I need help. Please


12-11-2007 17:50:40

what error do you have (message)?


13-11-2007 01:23:52

I recently had the same problems as most here. The one step in the tutorials that wasn't clear, but is needed, is copying the executable to the SDK bin dir's. The executables need to be with the dll files for Mogre and ogre. Check step 6 at the bottom of the page:

In the Post-build event command line enter copy "$(TargetPath)" "%OGRE_HOME%\bin\$(ConfigurationName)"

Trying to debug your app doesn't work, cause it will run the exe from the build dir, not the copied dir. Browse to the Ogresdk\bin\$(ConfigurationName) dir and run your exe from there.