Input into Ogre Panel in Windows.forms


27-11-2007 05:51:47

I hate the be the noob, but I have to at this point. I've been unsuccessful for a couple weeks now and I am at my wits end. I've tried a ton of different things, but nothing is working so far (I've read EVERY post regarding input in the Mogre forum, and there are a lot of them). I've searched the forums and even resorted to the internet but cannot seem to do what I need. I am trying to get Ogre into a panel within a form. This part is done, using the great examples from the tutorials and MogreFramework.

Now, I followed the advice from another thread and added the code that should accept input. I got to the point where input is accepted in the panel, but it is only rendering the frame once. I know I should probably put in a Timer, or make the input part of the frame listener, but I just can't seem to do it. At this point, I am open to any suggestions. I am trying to make a mesh viewer in windows.forms, so nothing special just yet.

I don't really want to dig up the old Axiom input stuff, so whats the easiest way to do what I need? Do I need to get directx input involved, or should I be able to get it going with just forms input? Any help to steer a total noob in the right direction would be appreciated. I am still learning C#, so the answer could be obvious to others.


28-11-2007 18:08:45

I am using MOIS, there is .dll file with Mogre for 1.4.

I am calling RenderOneFrame from my code where there is need to redraw the screen, because I am using Windows Forms also, and my project don´t need to render all the time.

For example, you can render when the user is doing something with the mouse.