Missing the Framework dll


11-12-2007 13:22:45


I have a question which may sound stupid - but where can i get the mogreframework.dll? I Downloaded the two latest versions of the MOGRE Installer but both seem to ship without that certain dll ><

I think i am supposed to look into ogresdk/bin/release, right?


12-12-2007 14:48:11

Is this file still needed? The Tutorials ask for it - but i still cant find it ><


12-12-2007 23:31:15

Ok, sorry for that idiotic question - he who reads and follows a most absic tutorial finds, what he needs ><


13-12-2007 21:13:56

there is a link in the mogre wiki... and the source of the mogre framework is at the mogre svn ... 8)