Mogre 0.2.3 Lite Released! (Ogre 1.4.5) - Unicode Supported


18-12-2007 01:46:41

Hi all..

I builded Mogre and update it to Ogre 1.4.5, and for you people i make this SDK version Lite.

Is lite because this version NOT include: Samples, Media and Docs. Only contains the headers .h files, libs and binaries in debug and release mode. I tested it in my own project and work perfectly.

Mogre 0.2.3 Lite (16mb)
Mogre 0.2.3 Lite with Unicode Support(16mb)

If you need unicode support you also need add some important parameter to your fontdef file. This is related with font rendering in ogre, no with Mogre. Fontdef file need include code_points parameter like this:

type truetype
source arial.ttf
size 25
resolution 110
code_points 1-256

code_points tell to ogre rendering how many letters the font should be render, default ogre value for this is: 33-166 for more info look Ogre Manuel Section 3.5. You also can find how many code_point have you font searching in google.

I compiled it with last DirectX SDK (November 2007). You need this or the directx runtime in order to use Mogre without problems.

In these days i'll build a full SDK with Samples and Meda for newies. Later i going to write a detail guide: "How to build mogre and keep alive". It explain how to download the source from SVN, update to last version of OGRE, use the cpp2java , build ogre, use the autowraper, and Build and Link the Mogre DLL. Finally i will explain how to build a Lite/full SDK. Please be patient...

Enjoy it and let me know if works for you.


PD: sorry my english!! :D


19-12-2007 21:35:08

OUTSTANDING.. i was about to do the same thing.. but i got stuck somewhere in between :oops: hahaha

it would be cool if you explain your updating procedure :)

thanks again for that :D


19-12-2007 21:47:34

:D i will make a guide to explain that... but first i going to fixed the unicode support.. please wait... :D


21-12-2007 15:54:34


Take a look at first post!! 8)


21-12-2007 19:30:16

Way to go, Marioko!! :D

If you get to post building instructions for Mogre it will be grand. The lack of regular Mogre maintainer should not be so much of a hassle if anyone can make their own releases.

Thanks for your effort. If you need any help with something I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

Thanks for all your effort :)


21-12-2007 20:12:55

thanks.. before publish the Build Guide i need to talk with GermanDZ or other any mantainer to let me upload mogre source code with unicode support to SVN.. I know GermanDZ maybe he can help me!..:D


21-12-2007 23:19:22


after several weeks with low activity on MOGRE, seems that MOGRE is alive again.

I am returning to develop on MOGRE. I am already using 0.2.3 LITE (work very well).

I could commit the lastest version to SVN Repo.

Marioko, send me the sources, scripts and other assets.

Merry XMas!!!


22-12-2007 00:04:41

lets talk via msn to organize that..


22-12-2007 04:20:01

Hello Marioko I am from Colombia too!.

I am using Mogre and today I have a problem but I don´t know what happend, I think is a problem with Mogre and not Ogre. You know for us is a little hard to explain it in english, maybe can I send you a private message and telling my problem in spanish?




22-12-2007 14:26:24

sure.. i understand that (enviame el pm)!


22-12-2007 15:19:05

Thanks again for the Unicode support! This is a great release.


22-12-2007 21:34:20

Well. I tried the Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 with my project.

With the release dll files it works well but with the debug dll files it gives me an error.

If I try root.GetAvailableRenderers() with the debug files I get two null values, but with the release files I get two instances of RenderSystem, Direct3D and OpenGL.

With the Mogre for 1.4.3 I don´t get that error with the release and debug files.

Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 release, Mogre 1.4.3 Release and Debug works OK
Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 debug, doesn´t work at GetAvailableRenderers()

Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 Debug Ogre.log

16:29:39: Loading library .\RenderSystem_Direct3D9_d
16:29:39: Installing plugin: D3D9 RenderSystem
16:29:39: D3D9 : Direct3D9 Rendering Subsystem created.
16:29:39: D3D9: Driver Detection Starts
16:29:39: D3D9: Driver Detection Ends
16:29:39: Plugin successfully installed
16:29:39: Loading library .\RenderSystem_GL_d
16:29:39: Installing plugin: GL RenderSystem
16:29:39: OpenGL Rendering Subsystem created.
16:29:40: Plugin successfully installed

Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 Release Ogre.log

16:28:57: Loading library .\RenderSystem_Direct3D9
16:28:57: Installing plugin: D3D9 RenderSystem
16:28:57: D3D9 : Direct3D9 Rendering Subsystem created.
16:28:57: D3D9: Driver Detection Starts
16:28:57: D3D9: Driver Detection Ends
16:28:57: Plugin successfully installed
16:28:57: Loading library .\RenderSystem_GL
16:28:57: Installing plugin: GL RenderSystem
16:28:57: OpenGL Rendering Subsystem created.
16:28:57: Plugin successfully installed


22-12-2007 21:55:32

I downloaded Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 Unicode and tried again.

GetAvailableRenderers() works with release and debug Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 Unicode.

I tried again with debug Marioko Mogre 1.4.5 (without unicode) and it doesn´t works with GetAvailableRenderers().

In my project I am not using the ogre.cfg, I use GetAvailableRenderers().



23-12-2007 03:05:28

Marioko Mogre?? hahahhahah

The problem is that in version without unicode support i forget re-link OgreMain in debug mode with mogre.. my mistake!! sorry for that.

But you can use perfectly the unicode version because unicode strings only are use it in overlays.

BTW next updates i will only build versions with unicode support!! 8)

PD: GermanDZ give me developer role in Mogre sourceforge Project, its mean that now i am an official mantainer :D


23-12-2007 03:28:51

Hehe, Well while is not the official release for now is Marioko Mogre hehe.

Can you provide us a package with the full source code including the auto files?

Mmm I have another question, the compiler generates a OgreMain_d.pdb file for debug?, maybe you can include it too?




23-12-2007 03:32:42





Maybe tomorrow or monday is uploaded!!


24-12-2007 05:04:52

Marioko I found that one of my problems is a bug in Ogre , :( , and was fixed but for now is in the CVS and will be in the next release, 1.4.6.

How much time takes to compile mogre? I need to patch one file, ogreanimation.cpp and replace the clone() method with the fixed one (CVS), it is very important to me because I have to finish my degree project now! :roll:.

Is very difficult to compile it?.




24-12-2007 12:49:56

the first time it take a long time, but is easy. I am finishing the guide how to compile mogre, maybe tomorrow i publish it in english/spanish.

BTW OGRE 1.4.6 will be released these days and i going to update mogre too the same day :D


24-12-2007 18:40:37

The 1.4.6 release will be a very good Christmas gift to my project! :D

Thanks for your work. Is very good to have Mogre alive again.


24-12-2007 20:45:53

yeah.. :D Now i am a official Maintainer.. beside keeps MOGRE update i will try to improved it.. :D


27-12-2007 01:54:18

i will try to help where ever i can..

to keep mogre perfectly alive :D


27-12-2007 03:25:03

thanks you very much Dodongoxp, we can keep this awesome project alive all that we want!


30-12-2007 05:57:58

Wiiii, Ogre 1.4.6 was released and has a fix that I need!!!, and now We have Marioko!


30-12-2007 14:03:15

lol :D

Wiiiiiiiiii we have Marioko.. and Marioko have MOGRE 1.4.6 compiled :D

I am finishing building a FULL SDK.. be patient :D :lol:


31-12-2007 14:25:54


I don't usually do this, but thanks alot! And to all the people that still
helps to keep this alive, a BIG THANKS!

I am currently using the wrapper to create a game, and up until now its been a real blessing! I used to make games using C++ and opengl/directx (ok half assed FPS engines that I never finished). While managed directx is also really awesome, there is still a LOT of tedious plumbing to be done before actually coming to implementing the game logic.

Well, thanks to everyone. And if there is still help needed, (but it doesn't look like it!) I would really like to help.

Anyway, happy clubbing and hope everyone has a really great new year!


31-12-2007 14:38:45

thanks codedjinn i like see new people using MOGRE, we are trying to keep alive and updated for everyone. I think the same about MOGRE, its a blessing for make awesome games...