¿ Mogre 0.2.x to Mogre 1.4.x ?


23-12-2007 03:27:39

I was thinking about mogre version number, and mogre is the only Ogre wrapper with a 99% features supported. I am right???

Do you think is time to change the version to 1.4.x the same as Ogre???
I said that because wrappers like Ogre4j are in beta phase and its developer name it: Ogre4j 1.4.5 BetaX

Version number is an important thing, because if you see for example:
Ogre v0.0.1 inmediatly you think: "that is baby program/framework/etc, it should have a world of bugs bla bla" whatever if that program has years and years of hard development.

In the other hand if you see Ogre 1.4.5 you think: "I can use it or I should use it"

If you answer is NO, say why please, maybe bugs, memory leaks, etc,etc... 8) 8)


24-12-2007 23:23:58

i agree changing mogre version to mogre 1.4.5 for example :)


25-12-2007 00:07:19

Yes is better to have the same version number than Ogre.


25-12-2007 01:10:00

ok the next version of MOGRE will be: "MOGRE 1.4.6" :D


25-12-2007 23:48:20

OUTSTANDING :!: :!: :!: 8)


28-12-2007 00:19:23

good idea


28-12-2007 20:10:17

Just a thought, but it may also be a good idea to consider the possibility of multiple released MOgre version per each released Ogre Version.

For example, if there are any bugfixes within MOgre between releases of Ogre, you wouldn't have to wait (or have confusion):

Thus the initial release of MOgre would be, and a later bugfix release that still was based on the 1.4.6 Ogre could be



28-12-2007 20:49:42

yep ee, that is good idea, but that bugfixes (1.4.x.y) will be Mogre related, and realeases 1.4.x will be Ogre related like:

Ogre 1.4.6 = Mogre 1.4.6
|_ Mogre
|_ Mogre 1.4.6.n
Ogre 1.4.n = Mogre 1.4.n