First steps with Cegui


03-01-2008 12:24:48

I´m new with mogre programation, so I´m a bit lost at this moment. I'd like to Know how can I do to put a combobox or a scrollbar in a mogre aplication without using windows forms.
I' ve read something about Cegui in this forum, but I have no idea of using it. Could somebody say to me which are the first steps I should take?
Thank You :roll:


03-01-2008 15:26:08

Currently CEGUI is not supported for MOGRE, there are some errors in the port and cant be use it.

But, there is a port of QuickGUI (MQuickGUI), a very easy to use GUI system, you can download source code from SVN Mogre. GermanDZ can tell you more about that.

Also i am working in an AddonAutoWrapper tool using the same techniques for make MOGRE, but will work for any OGRE (c++) Addons. :D This is a secret dont tell anybody 8) With this tool we will can use MyGUI, RbGUI, Navi, NxOgre, PLSM, PagedGeometry, everything


04-01-2008 13:37:03

Hi marioko, and thanks for answering me so soon.
You said that "you can download source code from SVN Mogre"but I don't know exactly how I should do it. I have also seen that German Dz is working in MQuickGUI but I don't Know if it is that what I'm looking for. I want to manage an aplication similar to that you can see in this link:

I know that this one is implemented with ogre, but what I mean is that I want to create some "box" like the ones that are in the left side of the image. Where you can selected and changes things.
Because maybe I'm wrong and I don't need gui to do it???



04-01-2008 18:37:38

That secret sounds very GOOD!! shhhhhh, hehehe, There are many addons useful that currently we can´t use because we haven´t a port.


07-01-2008 13:58:38

I added a tiny article to the wiki:
If someone want to improve, he can do (-;