Using .Net Input


13-01-2008 23:55:29


I would like to know what is the disadvantages and drawbacks when using the .net 2.0 input system. (Form's input system)
The input system is for a game.

Thank you very much


14-01-2008 02:01:30

What do you mean with .Net 2.0 input system? the Windows Forms key and mouse events?

In my project I have a mixed WinForms events and MOIS input because my needs.

If your doesn´t use WinForms controls and forms maybe is better that you use something like MOIS because you can poll the input every frame. If your project is a Form like an editor maybe you can use Winform Event or a mix between Winform events and MOIS how in my project.

Maybe if you tell us more about your need we can help you.



14-01-2008 08:38:42


Yes the description is a bit vague. Well, I would like to know if it is a bad idea to use the WinForms key and mouse events for a game.

I am currently writing a RTS and would like to use the WinForms input system as its really convenient. Currenlty I am using DirectInput for key events as the Key events in WinForms can't handle more the two keys pressed at once.

So basically, I would like to know if the mouse events is sufficient for handling all mouse related events for the game. The reason why I am asking, as at this stage I myself cannot find any problem. But if anyone out there that has more experience can see any forseeable problems with using the WinForms mouse events, I would like to know. As I don't want to figure it out later on when the coding is more than 50% complete.

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15-01-2008 00:49:15

the problem about key inputs on forms is that its more for ordinary aplications and has a lot of limitations for game use...

i would advice you to use MOIS, direct input via mdx or input handling to poll you input every frame with framelisteners...

if you were making an editor you could use the winforms input for the editor interface and the mois for your game window events via frame listeners

im still a novice user.. so a more experienced opinion would be helpful