Terrain scene manager and collision with Mogre


15-01-2008 13:40:59


I use the terrain scene manager and want to use the terrain (generated by hightmaps) by collision detection.

By reading forum and wiki I found add-ons for this:
* OPCODE (a wrapper for optimized collision detection)
* OgreODE (a physics engine; can interact with Terrain Scene Manager)
* OgreNewt / MogreNewt (a physics engine)
* ... maybe other physics library

Related to Mogre I just found information to MogreNewt.
It's easy to use for mesh objects, but unfortunately with terrain hightmaps it seems not to be so easy.

I read about the way to build up a mesh my trimesh.
What is a trimesh? A mesh build up of triangles or a dynamicly changing mesh or treeCollision object??

In my special case I just need detect if an object is collided with an other (including terrain) without physical reaction.

Did somebody write a C# code to generate a collision object from a hightmap terrain data (for using by MogreNewt) or an other sulotion?

Greetings from Germany


05-02-2008 00:57:40

Hey Beauty. I had the same problem. bleubleu pointed the following link out.


The thing is this uses PLSM2 and then the problem i have now is that i cant find a prebuilt version that works with mogre. I have to build it from source using the mogre files which of course is crashing visual studio. And yeh it uses OgreNewt for collision.