rendersystem window


23-01-2008 12:42:29

Hi, what i'm trying to do is to integrate a mogre aplication in a windows form. I follow tutorial 6 and I have no problem. But it doesn't appear the render system window. And I wonder if this is because I'm creating a windows form or if there is any way to do it. Could anybody help me!!!!
I think that is not possible but I like that someone explain it to me cause there are many basic things that I don't understand yet.
Sorry for my engllish


23-01-2008 20:08:15

A little code and a more detailed error description might help -
from what you're saying, I personally can't really read too much.


24-01-2008 08:30:05

I'm talking about Tutorial 6 for example. I have no error, the problem is that I want the render system window to appear before the windows form application but i don't know if this is possible. ... /?edited=1]

Because what I'm creating is an ogre window integrated in a windows form:

What I wanna know is, if I have to create just a mogre render window to be able to use the render sistem window or if I can create a windows form with a mogre window "inside" an I can se it too.

I don't know how I can explain it better. Sorry


25-01-2008 03:53:26

are you using the mogre framework ?? if so.. the mogre framework is just to learn the basics .. so its just for practice , because it initializes ogre and sets the render system , window resolution and has a preset window for you to use ..

to have more control over your window states,screen resolutions and ogre start up sequence you would need to write your own initializing code

if you want to customize that you need to make the startup sequence yourself and customize everything to your needs

or you can download the mogre framework source code from svn and customize it to your needs..

you can get the mogreframework code here(use SVN to get it ) ... eFramework

i think thats the svn checkout url of mogreframework

hope this helps 8)