Building MOGRE from source tutorial now in the mogre wiki!


02-02-2008 02:22:38

hi there

the tutorial of how to build mogre from source and also how to update mogre to a newer version of ogre is now on the wiki

this tutorial was made by Marioko and i translated it to english and submited it to the wiki but all the credits of its creation should go to Marioko

heres the url to the tutorial

it may have some minors errors like typos and something like that.. if so please be so kind to correct them :)

also if you have something to add to it , please be my guest :wink:

hope this keeps the mogre project alive as much as possible 8)


02-02-2008 13:11:21

Thanks! I think this guide will be very helpful for a lot of people. And what is more important, it will help keeping Mogre alive and up-to-date.

I just corrected some typos :wink:


02-02-2008 20:14:57

thanks 8)


03-02-2008 00:39:29

great work DodongXP.. thanks for the help :D


06-02-2008 10:49:35

Great work! Now I can try and compile Mogre to take a look at the CLR memory concurrency issues.

I have a question about the wiki, however. Supposedly, if you don't want to upgrade the Ogre version you can simply download the latest SVN revision and just compile Mogre directly following the build instructions, right?

However when I do this, it complains about a missing file: "OgreILImageCodec.h"

There is a similarly named file "MogreILImageCodec.h", but it's located in the "auto" folder.

Is it the same file? Does this mean I have to run the autowrap tool?

I'll give it a try.

Best regards,



06-02-2008 11:02:00

Never mind, found it :oops:

For others who may trip in the same place, the header is in the OgreSDK\include folder...


06-02-2008 12:26:36

Ok, I thought I had done it, but apparently still a long ways to go.

I've built up OgreMain and Mogre from scratch and everything went fine, but as soon as I booted up some sample, BAM! it crashed my Visual Studio instance, so I can't even debug properly.

All I know is it crashed at Root.RenderOneFrame()

Any idea what could make this happen?

Best regards,



07-02-2008 01:10:23

to build mogre.. just follow the wiki tutorial and skip the updating step .. and nothing else is necesary to build it succesfully.. i have done that many times.. its a very boring and time consuming process but its simple to do and i never had any problems with it..

remember to configure vs to point to all the ogre includes and libs and build everything in both release and debug versions

maybe its some error on your side.. alitle conflict that is hiding somewhere :roll:


12-02-2008 20:31:35

Maybe I'm the only one having this problem. The instructions say
Before we begin you need to unzip the OGRE dependencies in the ogrenew folder but DONT OVERWRITE OIS.lib, OIS_d.lib or any other .dll related to OIS. The reason is that MOGRE uses a modified version of OIS and overwriting it with the one in the dependencies would cause severe problems during this process!

However, I can't find any ois.lib or ois_d.lib in the ogrenew folder. The ones in the dependencies zip are the only ones I have. Am I missing something? Which ones should I be using?


13-02-2008 07:21:26

These dlls should be found in ogrenew\samples\common\bin\release[debug]


13-02-2008 13:22:54

I found the dlls but I'm still looking for the lib files.