¿Mogre for VisualStudio 2008?


10-02-2008 19:59:55

Do you think or want Mogre compiled and ready to use in VisualStudio2008??

VisualStudio2008 Express is easy to get and free, and C++/CLI has new improvements that maybe could make MOGRE better..what do you thing about that.


10-02-2008 21:46:21

I've read the thread about the threading issue and the idea of leaving ogre untouched is great. If some rather strong changes are made, why not take the chance and switch to VC2008 / .NET 3.5 at the same time? :D


10-02-2008 21:50:03

absolutely.. VS2008 would be very cool


07-03-2008 13:55:30

¿¡Bad or good news???

Theres is a new release of OGRE (1.4.7) i want update our MOGRE, but currently i bought a new PC and now i have VS2008 installed and Windows Vista, sorry but i am little lazy to reinstall VS2005 and all SP1, bla bla, bla..

My question is: ¿Do yo want Mogre 1.4.7 only for VS2008??

Btw, the current Mogre 1.4.6 can be used it in VS2008 without problems..

I know there is people using VS2005... remember there is a detailed tutorial how to build MOGRE and update it..

Heyy wait a minute. :idea: .. we MOgrers, only need the Mogre.dll assembly, this assembly can be compiled in VS2008 for .NET 2.0 and use it in .NET 2.0 applications (VS2005). OgreMain.dll is used it only in runtime not compilation (in users projects). I going to make some tests for that.. if everything works (VS2005 and VS2008) everybody could be happy::: :lol: :lol:


09-03-2008 03:13:42

I will be in the AirLift of Visual Studio Team System in Redmond.

I will tell to everybody that I am using MOGRE a great project to do really cool apps.



09-03-2008 17:47:24

heheeh :lol: nice


22-03-2008 23:38:01

Hi there!

Just want to let you know that you can build yourself Mogre for VS2008 using the instructions on the Wiki. You will need to migrate the solution files and get the VS9 precompiles dependencies and everything will build OK.

That being said, there are issues concerning MOIS.dll/OIS.dll with visual studio 9. The fact that we do not have the source for MOIS will be problematic since VS9 does not mangle C++ names the same way as VS8. The effect of this is that with a VS9 build of Mogre, you will only be able to use OIS via MOIS.dll, not using OIS.dll. Until we get the MOIS sources from Bekas (and the modified OIS code) , we will have some problems migrating to VS9.

For example, VS9 will mangle the getMouseState function like this :
struct OIS::MouseState const & OIS::Mouse::getMouseState(void)

while VS8 mangles it like this :
class OIS::MouseState const & OIS::Mouse::getMouseState(void)

Also, you will need the VS8 C runtimes (msvc*80.dll files, msvc*80d.dll in debug mode) to get this modified OIS to work.



23-03-2008 12:19:15

yep that is the main problem, the mois source... i going to download OIS source code and try to make MOIS again fron scrath.. its could be easy...


23-03-2008 16:12:45

Just a short experience report:
I'm running Mogre under Visual Studio 2008. If I'm using the debug version of "Mogre.dll" I'm getting an error because it's referencing "Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT" which hasn't been installed by VS2008. But if I'm using the release dlls of Mogre I can use the debug mode in VS2008 without problems and can still debug my own code. I also got this error using other (debug) dlls referencing the debug version of "Mogre.dll" (e.g. MET).

Did anyone else also have this problem?
You won't notice this problem if you're having both VS2005 and VS2008 installed (which I had on my other pc).

Therefore the only advantage I see in having a VS2008-Mogre is getting more debug infos out of Mogre itself. I guess I we only had a VS2008-Mogre VS2005-users wouldn't be able to debug Mogre.

Maybe we can offer both versions? So people don't having VS2008 would still be able to use the debug dlls.

EDIT: The only disadvantage with the use of the release dlls is that you don't see the log file running in the command prompt. But you can still look into the log file.


23-03-2008 20:56:13

It looks like OgreMain_d.dll is still linked against the VC2005 runtimes instead of the VC2008 runtimes. It's likely that one of the Ogre dependencies was built against VC2005, and it got slipped into the 2008 dependency list.

Edit: You can see/confirm this if you pull up the Dependency Walker.


25-03-2008 18:54:45


Yeah, the VS2005 CRT debug runtime are needed to run OIS_d.dll (as you can see in dependency walker). And you cant get that from the MS website for some reason. I had to install VS2005 SP1 on a seperate machine just to get the 3 dll (mscv?80d.dll + manifest). You can then just dump them in the same dir as your application and everything will be fine.

PM me for the VS2005 SP1 msvc?80d.dll.


As far as I know, MOIS was created by the same process as MOGRE. So you might have to use AutoWrap and stuff. Let me know if you manage to re-create MOIS!