C++ 2005 Express Edition and windows.h


19-02-2008 17:47:32

When I try to build the Ogre_vc8.sln file, I'm getting an error that states the complier cannot include file "windows.h". I've searched my machine and I can only find windows.h in the installation of VSC++ 7.0, which I have installed for a legacy project. A co-worker remembers running into this problem compiling ogre with the express edition a little over a year ago, when we took a serious look at using ogre for one of our projects. He ended up installing the Platform SDK, which added some additional dev files that included 'windows.h" and we think that was the solution to this problem. I've search the forums and don't see anyone else having this issue, so I thought I'd post to see if we could get some suggestions as to what is going on....

I have installed the SP1 for VS C++ 2005.

Can anyone point us in the right direction?


19-02-2008 18:35:43

yep Platform SDK include requires files, but you need configure VC Express to find those new files.

Here a nice guide:



20-02-2008 14:53:29

Additionally, you may try using VC++ 2008 Express, which I think already comes with the basic Platform SDK includes like Windows.h.