WIP: Mogre .scene loader - RE:Saving and loading scene files


23-02-2008 20:18:13


This is in response to "Loading and saving scene files", but I decided it deserved a topic of it's own...

I'm working on implementing a DotScene loader in Mogre and C#, based on the sample in the Mogre wiki and the OgreMaxWinViewer source.

I do not consider myself a great coder, and it's still not quite done, but I wouldn't mind posting what I've done so far - in case someone could use what I've finished, has any comments, or even want to join the effort...


23-02-2008 21:03:47

Here's what I've ported so far:

Cameras, Animation, Tracktargets, Looktargets, some types/structures

Also I've tried to make it all more C#-ish (to the best of my knowledge...) and extended XmlElement with relevant methods (GetFloatAttribute, GetTextureTypeAttribute, GetVector3, HasNode, etc.)

I'm currently working on RenderTextures. I probably won't need bones animation myself, so I might not implement that, unless it looks very simple to do.