Problem with mogre debug samples (again)


26-02-2008 11:41:40

Hi everyone. I have looked through all posts related to problems with running the debug version of the mogre samples, but i still can't get it to work =/

I get the FileNotFoundException, The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E).
All dll:s are there, environmental variables are set up, paths in resource file are the same as in the release version.

I use VS 2005, with SP1 installed. Running Release versions works fine from /bin/release as well as from inside VS.

I am starting to loose it over here, any suggestions?


26-02-2008 12:55:15

what OS are you using and what does ogre.log says ?


26-02-2008 13:45:51

I have WinXP (Eng).
The Ogre.log doesn't even get created.


26-02-2008 14:07:36

Hmm, if I only have bin/release path in the environmental variable PATH, I get a little further. Now the Ogre.log file is created, but I get the classic debug/realease ms_singleton exception.

Should I try installing C# Express, C++ runtimes and do the C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\Policies hack?


26-02-2008 23:37:15

Ok, so it seems that it is the OgreMain.dll that causes theFileNotFoundException. If I copy the OgreMain.dll from the release directory to the debug directory i Instead get the ms_singleton exception.

Is Mogre.dll the problem here? Shouldn't there be a Mogre_d.dll file instead, or why doesn't it look for the OgreMain_d.dll?


27-02-2008 03:48:34

bin/debug/Mogre.dll with OgreMain_d.dll
bin/release/Mogre.dll with OgreMain.dll


27-02-2008 10:44:26

Okay, the problem was me being a total naab :P

When i build the debug version of the samples, the Mogre reference was linked to the release/Mogre.dll. VS then replaced the debug /debug/Mogre.dll with the release/Mogre.dll

Sorry for taking your time ;)


12-03-2009 15:09:51

please tell how did you solved this problem??
I cant figure out how to change references for debug/release, if I add references in debug (for debug) they will appear in release as well and visa versa.