Wings Of Fury 2


03-03-2008 12:20:21

Thanks to you, Ogre, Mogre and gallons of Coke here we are beta-testing our retro remake of Wings Of Fury.

Some screenshots:



03-03-2008 12:45:01

hey very nice work...
Congratulations :D


05-03-2008 08:06:11

hey very nice work...
Congratulations :D

Yeah looks good codo.


05-03-2008 10:12:43

very nice! it's good to see a completed mogre game especialy one which looks fun. looking forward to try it.
btw what kind of dev is it ? from the website it looks closed source, so if I may ask, have you concidered going opensource ? at least for the code? it would most probably be a realy valuable source of knowledge for mogre users!

good luck!


05-03-2008 21:01:20

Wings of Furry is a great game. Awsome that someone is making remake of it. Good job.


06-03-2008 11:54:21

@remz: We will certainly take into account releasing the source. We need some time though... :)


06-03-2008 14:33:08

@remz: We will certainly take into account releasing the source. We need some time though... :)
good news! and ofc take your time, everyone know how active dev code can get messy sometimes !


18-03-2008 17:13:34

A Little update. Here you can read about new game features.

Some of the new features: shadows, new HUD.

Stay tuned :)


04-04-2008 12:19:51

Here you can watch the new gameplay video:

Hope you enjoy it...


04-04-2008 13:12:19

looks very nice and fun to play, looking forward for a playable version!


05-04-2008 16:59:18

Nice work! The gameplay video looks like arcade fun ;-) Is it difficult to control an aircraft?


06-04-2008 19:34:45

@raygeee: We tried to make is as easy as possible. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

There will be 3 difficulty levels. Each level introduces different parameters like hitpoints or landing difficulty. So it's gonna be a piece of cake to land on the carrier on 'easy', but I'm sure you'll need to practice a lot when playing on 'hard' :twisted:


30-05-2008 20:07:16

Hullo again,
Here is the demo version of Wings of Fury 2:

Enjoy! :D


30-05-2008 23:11:08



27-10-2008 15:03:41

Full version is available here:



29-10-2008 12:27:49

nice to see you finished you work :)

The download link description is Wings_of_Fury_2_v2.0 and the file name is
What means light?


29-10-2008 12:40:36

I think it's better to offer the game with an installer.

Programmers like us know how to handle just zipped applications. But you want to offer it to all Windows users. I suppose that many of them doesn't know how to handle with it. They expect an installer that copies the files and creates start links on desktop and in start menu. Also the vcredist patch has to be installed.
If I remember right in you pre-release version you used an installer.


29-10-2008 12:48:45

I got an error (using a german WindowsXP):


29-10-2008 13:48:00

Could you enter the directory were you have unzipped the archive?. Then enter /bin/release and start wof.exe from there. And of course tell us what happens:)

light means it has no bundled DirectX and .NET framework


29-10-2008 15:22:43


A very good free instalion kit :

Inno Setup


29-10-2008 15:53:25

Also starting by bin\Release\Wof.exe gives this exception.

If there are different versions (complete with setup and light) there should be a note at the download page.


OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): 'ogre.cfg' file not found! in ConfigFile::load at ..\src\OgreConfigFile.cpp (line 84)

OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource ogretext.png in resource group Bootstrap or any other group. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at ..\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 604)

Error loading texture ogretext.png. Texture layer will be blank. Loading the texture failed with the following exception: OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource ogretext.png in resource group Bootstrap or any other group. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at ..\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 604)

WARNING: the mesh 'CarrierCrew.mesh' includes vertices with more than 4 bone assignments. The lowest weighted assignments beyond this limit have been removed, so your animation may look slightly different. To eliminate this, reduce the number of bone assignments per vertex on your mesh to 4.

The full log file is here:


29-10-2008 19:15:34

Apropos installer. The demo version was released with the installer, but we've had a feedback that users didn't like it (oh my God! it writes something to my registry! ;)

Beauty: your ogre.log looks good and these exceptions are just warnings. They should not cause any trouble. Do you perhaps have Windows XP 64? Can you run the demo version?


30-10-2008 05:27:55

after restarting the computer I tested the pre-release. It works.
And now the release version works.
On yesterday on all 3 tries I got the exeption above.
(I not even saw the splash screen)

32bit Windows XP

People who are afraid of any registry entries are stupid (in my eyes).
Most of the application, drivers and windows itself makes entries.


30-10-2008 12:28:51

In my opinion installer wasn't bad, but ZIP has it's advantages: no need to install / uninstall / wait. Just copy and run. Some people like it that way.

If you encounter any further problems let me know.


30-10-2008 14:27:27

I think the main disadvantage in WoF case is that a zip file doesn't install the needed depencies (vcredist + maybe DirectX redist).
A nice way would be to offer both versions (installer + zipped) :wink:


30-10-2008 14:43:56

The installer would weight three times as it does now. But, why not? We'll think about it:)


03-02-2010 11:08:05

More than a year of sole development has given birth to the Wings of Fury 2: Return of the legend - better, faster and deadlier WOF2. Enjoy everyone!

List of new features:
- naval units (yep, there are torpedoes!)
- more levels
- easier plane handling
- mission objectives (assassination, bombing run, dogfight, naval)
- new realistic water, improved graphics, texture shadows for better performance
- new cameras (including FPP)
- some enemy soldiers can attack you
- configurable controls ( using .cfg file)
- gore
- soldiers are easier to spot
- enhanced pad support
- bullet time effect
- support for x64 platforms
- a lot of bugfixes

And more:
- in-game hints (for newbies)
- streaming audio (faster level loading)
- carrier elevator platform (yeah!)
- better AI
- there's a chance that the game will work with some of the Intel graphics cards
- new updates notification, WOF2 news panel

Download & info: ... -download/


04-02-2010 10:15:36

That game looks sweet! Congratulations on your hard work and the great results :-D

I'll try it when I get home


04-02-2010 22:17:05

good job, just tested it, it's quite fun and addictive to turn in the air just to try killing the remaining soldiers that have slip through your bomb :twisted:

just a little bug, i get a system.unauthorized exception on loading when running it the first time on windows 7. i have to run it as administrator first to make it work. perhaps a check could be made to see if the program run on administrator mode ?

otherwise, well done. cool to see some good games made with mogre :)


31-12-2012 15:20:21

Hello again guys! The major update of the game has been released (3.4). Check it out on
Here's a couple of screenshots:

More info and download: