The Beginning


07-03-2008 02:01:31

I'm an Ogre (C++) user, and completely new to C# (not even that old at C++ though, been around 2.5 years or something). Someone on the Ogre forums said that using MOGRE with C# is good for making tools (with GUI, buttons, knobs, views etc.), so I wanted to check it out.

I have almost absolutely no idea about C#. I've seen the language, its like C++, but setting up, is it the same? Is there a PSDK for it too? The same include/library directories and stuff? What makes it so good for tool-making?

So, for MOGRE, what do I need? I need Visual C# 2005 (or some other C# ide), and MOGRE, that's it?

Do I need the Ogre source code too (not that I don't have it)?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I am a noob when it comes to C#, or anything that's .Net for that matter. :)


07-03-2008 03:49:09

Well, you need:

1. Visual C# 2005 (Professional or Express) SP1 for Visual C# 2005


Visual C# 2008

2. Mogre SDK

Read for more info


07-03-2008 10:30:59

Yep, I was just reading the wiki after making this post and found that out.

Thanks for the help! :)