Relative path for the plugin.cfg?


10-03-2008 23:15:04

Is it possible to use relative paths, like it does for resource.cfg, for the plugin.cfg file?

I tried something like PluginFolder=../../Dependencies/PlugIns/ but it does not seem to work:/ Similar syntax, but with FileSystem=../../xxx/ works for the resource.cfg file.

Maybe I'm assuming the wrong starting locaton? I used the application location as the start cause that is what worked with the resource.cfg.

Below is the exception that I'm getting, it works with full path.
OGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): Could not load dynamic library ../../Dependencies/PlugIns/RenderSystem_Direct3D9

Thanks in advance


14-03-2008 15:27:12

"PluginFolder=./../../plugins" and "PluginFolder=../../plugins" both worked for me with the same result.
Like you said, the problem seems to be located elsewhere. My starting location is the directory containing the .exe-file (/bin/debug in this case).


01-04-2008 15:16:35

Relative paths are possible.
It doesn't matter where resources.cfg is located.
The relative paths in this file must be relative to the directory of your exe file.


c:\Ogre\myProject\bin\Debug (directory of exe file)
c:\Ogre\myProject\Resources\materials (material directory)

To add the material directory you have to write following into resources.cfg:

I think this is the same to the plugin.cfg file.