The sounds of Mogre?


22-03-2008 14:01:47

Hi, and welcome to my first post on the Ogre forums!

Just before I delve into the depths of MOGRE which I'm currently playing around with, I want to see if anyone recognizes the same little thing that I do, or if it's just my computer.

When I start up an OgreWindow my computer makes a low-volume high-pitched reocurring sound (sort of like a typical stack overflow from holding too many keys down - only a lot softer in volume). We're not talking sounds from any PC Speaker, but from the computer components (most probably the harddrive?).

I would guess this has something to do with my scene being rather empty and the render loop does something short very fast, thus creating a sound from the endless fast reiterations. My computer is ultrasilent basically, the fact that I'm hearing this tiny sound might be because of the fans really low volume.

I'm not saying this is some sort of bug or requesting any kind of hot fix, I'm just curious if anyone has any valuable input on the subject, I want my ultra silent computer to stay ultra silent - but I also don't want any user to have to listen to a low medium-to-high-frequency sound when the game is silent.

I'm nit-picky, I agree, but I'd like to make as close to perfect as I can.

I'm running MOgre with Windows Vista Business + Visual Studio 2008 (not Express) on an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2,61 GHz using an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card.


22-03-2008 17:45:37

I had a similar problem a long time ago. In my case it actually was the speakers. For some reason, when I ran Ogre programs in a tight loop, it caused a high pitched noise. I think it had something to do with the fan vibrating the sound card in its slot, which caused the speaker jack to vibrate in its plug.

Try disconnecting the speakers from the computer entirely and run Ogre again to make sure it's a problem with the hardware and not the same thing I was seeing.

If not, I dunno. Must be a different problem.


22-03-2008 17:58:18

It is true that I can not ignore the possibility that it is my speaker, what I wanted to convey was that it's not a "produced" sound like a typical Beep from the PC Speakers. I will have to open my computer up to do a bit of listening and disconnecting.

Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated.


29-03-2008 13:55:38

mmm, that's wierd...


11-05-2008 13:53:35

I have the same problem with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS. Did you find a solution?


11-05-2008 21:19:01

I think there are two possible reasons. One I read about in a forum is that a capacitor for some reason (bad glueing) starts to oscillate and create that sound. Another soultion is that the graphic board influences circuits or conductors of the sound device on the mainboard of your computer. That behaviour seems to be occuring for some graphic cards of the Geforce 8 series. I am myself having such a high frequent sound when running 3D applications in certain circumstances. It varies with the load of the graphic board. I am currently thinking about of upgrading with an additional sound card not only for this but also for other reasons.

Just my 2 cents.



12-05-2008 02:13:30

i agree with pikmin doctor, that is very weird stuff :D i dont have that problem.. try looking in OGRE forums may be someone has the solutions.. :D


22-06-2008 18:56:25

I think i have the same exact "problem" (if we can call it a problem...). When i start a Mogre window application, depending on the window size, i can hear a weird sound that looks like it comes from the laptop components, maybe Graphics Card. But it's interesting, when i move or maximize the window (when rendering my scene in a windows form) that sound disappears. On the other hand, when i launch a Mogre application with it's own window that sound does not cease.

If anyone finds the answer please contact!



25-06-2008 23:45:27

maybe is a ancient ghost inside MOGRE!! :lol:


23-09-2008 23:23:20

ha, confirmed, all MOGRE samples give me the same sound... my sound system is OFF.