MOGRE Installation Problem


23-03-2008 20:52:55

I searched the forum for this issue but no solution. Someone could help me?

I'm getting this runtime library error

Assertion Failed

File: c:\proyectos\mogre\ogrenew\ogremain\srcogreroot.cpp

Expression: ms_Singleton

When i click Ignore

I'm getting second runtime library error when i click again Ignore button project gives an

AccessViolationException error in Example.cs

root = new Root();


24-03-2008 08:39:34

Had some problems with this as well. Most certainly you have built your project with mixed debug/release versions dll:s. Check your dll:s and paths again and it should work, it did for me ;)


25-03-2008 15:17:10


25-03-2008 16:45:31

Thank you all.

I solved my problem in a bit similar way to these ones before you sent them.