Problem with samples solution for debug builds


10-04-2008 07:05:02

I apologize if this has been pointed out before. I just installed mogre about an hour ago and am very excited to port my old C++ engine from ogre to mogre.

The debug samples will not run out of the box because the solution is not set up to do so. The debug projects reference the release mogre and mois assemblies. Because of this, VS will move those assemblies into the bin/debug directory after being built. This will overwrite the installed debug versions of the mogre and mois assemblies that came with the sdk.

Now that the release versions of those assemblies are in the bin/debug directory, depwalker points out they require the ogremain.dll (rather than the ogremain_d.dll). The ogremain.dll file is in bin/release, but not bin/debug.

Removing the references to these assemblies in every single project in the samples solution and replacing them with debug assemblies for mogre and mois fixes the problem and allows the projects to be run through the debugger without issue.

IMHO I am not a big fan of the old C++ style of differentiating debug libraries with _d.

I apologize if this has already been discussed.


11-04-2008 20:42:37

yeah, this has been discussed several times before. But to be honest, your summary describes the problem best. It clearly points to the source of the problem most users run into the first time, by overwriting the debug dlls. This should be fixed in the next release.

Maybe you could add a [SOLVED] as prefix to the topic name so we can refer other users to this thread. On the other hand there are already enough older threads about this problem.


11-04-2008 20:55:08

in next version i will try fix that for newies.