Add-ons page in wiki


17-04-2008 23:46:33


Marioco had the idea to move the add-on overview to a seperate wiki page.
I will create it and we have basic layout ideas.
This thread is for other Mogre users if they want to add ideas and suggestions, too.

Today I read about creating wiki tables and how to style up.
Maybe I'll do the add-on page with tables or wiki layout boxes

Nice would be, if we can use the Firefox extension symbol, but I'm not shure if it's allowed to use it. Maybe there is also a higher quality picture.

For each add-on:
  1. Name
    Autor _or_ Original autor + Porter
    Small description
    Link to wiki page of add-on
    A little picture (maybe)

    On the MOGRE page will be this:
    Mogre Addons Link
    Addons is a bla bla bla bla
    and bla blalbla

    Tutorial: Using ogre addons in Mogre (soon by Marioco)

    Marioco will make a small C++/CLI tutorial that explain how use OGRE addons in mogre, then we can add this as link in addon's block.

    Needed: a small description of what addons are
    Has somebody a suggestion?


18-04-2008 03:22:09

nice idea beuty.. if someone else have suggestions this is the momente :D


18-04-2008 18:55:43

A teammate of mine created a symbol for our add-ons page (-:

. . . . .


18-04-2008 20:22:00

i like it, but need is better with transparent background!


18-04-2008 22:06:54

Inside the wiki with the white background it was no problem.
Now I updated the files with transparency.
Also I added a modified version for a better style on right upper corner of wiki page.

. . . . .


19-04-2008 03:58:59

I made a template, but it's just a pre-release and not ready.

Some style things seems not be possible and currently IE and Firefox shows it a little bit different. I'm to tired now to go on and have to stand up in 3 hours.

How do you think it's better?

All informations on left side like here: ... ldid=15589
Maybe with a picture/screenshot on right side.

Or the description on left side and the things like autor on a box on right side like here: ... greGallery
Maybe with a picture/screenshot on left side between headline and description.


19-04-2008 12:37:02

Hi Beauty,
nice to see you take those efforts to improve the wiki. I would suggest to put that information box on the right side. Since (most) people are reading from left to right, the left side should be reserved for more important / addon-specific information. I mean it's nice to have one, but if i come across an addon for the first time, i would prefer to find a short introduction by the author or a table of contents on the left side. When i'm sure that addon is the right thing for me i'll start looking for version-numbers, releases etc. Probably this isn't important, but ... well ... you asked. :wink:


19-04-2008 13:46:55

i like the first option..with a rigth side screenshoot.

You can start with that and later we can add more data.. :D


19-04-2008 15:55:10

I updated the template: ... ldid=15589

The image should be left of the box.
I will extend the template later for correct positioning.


19-04-2008 23:46:47

nice work..


20-04-2008 06:06:45

ok, here is the pre-release: ... ldid=15595

I made the wiki code clear and easy to use for other users.

One problem is, that all definitions of the infobox (on right side) will be shown, even they are not defined.
I hope I'll find a way to change it, so that only used definitions (like version) are shown.

Are the definitions of the infobox clear or does some of them confuse?

Suggestions for changes?

You can complete the short descriptions now (-;


20-04-2008 06:34:50

oh, now I see that the advertisement pictures destroys the first add-on box by pushing down my add-on picture.
I just saw it right now, because I use the Firefox extension Adblock plus.
Maybe I have to look for another place for my extension picture or have to remove :cry:
I hope because of the advertisement pictures there are no problems on other pages where I added pictures ...


20-04-2008 20:24:08

The picture problem is fixed :)
I moved it right of the TableOfContent (by a wiki table) and modified the puzzle order for a better view.


20-04-2008 23:14:03

Now I changed the Mogre front page.
The News box is also good for telling about new add-ons.

Enough for today ... I go to bed *cantKeepEyesOpen*


21-04-2008 03:28:05

heyy great work.. thanks a lot Beuty..

The next step is fill addons data, everybody can search about mogre addons and fill some one. :D I add the definition of addons in main page, please correct some spell mistake. :oops:


25-04-2008 11:38:29

It was your idea :)
Even for Ogre itself is no add-ons page until today ... we are outriders 8)


14-05-2008 15:03:45

a little bug in Mogre addons page..

when i click in [edit] link of a addon, it edit not the selected addon, its edit the previous..

Beauty could you check out that.. thanks..


02-06-2008 13:56:38

Thanks for the note.
I found no way to fix this problem. It seems to be when the headline is inside of a template.
Maybe this problem is fixed in a current version of Media wiki. The Ogre wiki (version 1.6.10) is from 2006. Does somebody knows who is the admin? (maybe sindbad)

Now I disabled the edit links to avoid confusing.