adding MovableText to Mogre pack


30-04-2008 10:53:44

Hi all! MovableText described here is very useful
and something like that is required in most 3d programs. May be possible add
it to Mogre pack because compile Mogre from source is not simple process for ordinal Mogre programmer. The class is little and it doesn't greatly increase Mogre.dll size (~ +10К).


01-05-2008 08:09:01

Interesting idea.
But if we generally add several code in the main compilation of Mogre, maybe it could get overblowed and/or unstable.
I don't know if possible, but an alternative would be to have a seperatly .dll file (like MOIS).
Also it's possible to port or wrap it.

Wrapping should be easy.
Look here:
Also a wrapping guide is planned.


01-05-2008 20:38:01

I tried compile without a Mogre sources but it does not (used Mogre SDK 0.22).
1) Ogre compiled with Ansi strings;
2) some members _native, _createdByCLR were inaccessible (private)
3) macros used into source not described. Although I wrote your own version.
It is desirable to add to the SDK file with macros and a low-level functions
(DECLARENativePtr_STRING, InitOgreStringWithCLRString, etc.) to
could do C + + without expanding source Mogre.

If anyone has compiled MovableText in form of addition or in library and share, should be grateful for upload.


02-05-2008 13:55:58

yep a wrapping guide is in progress...

i also will make a util class for thouse common convertion between OGRE-MOGRE, etc,etc,etc.


02-05-2008 21:27:17

Thanks Marioko! If change status Mogre:: Wrapper._createdByCLR from internal to protected, add method Wrapper.set_Native and include in SDK Marshal.h, then it will be possible to add C ++ code operates at the levels of Ogre and Mogre without using any sources or recompiling. This would greatly facilitate for porting of interesting additions of standard Ogre.