Help to setup mogre in vs 2005


05-05-2008 11:19:27

i'm a novice game programmer
anyone can tell me How can i setup MOGRE in vs2005? (step by step)

i follow the wiki tuts to setup MOGRE but there is no OgreDotNet solution file in OgreSDK folder or sub folders to make the DLLs

tnx for your help


06-05-2008 14:25:32

Setting up MOGRE in VS2005 easy as any other C# project, you only need create a .NET Project (C#, J#,VB,..) and add references to:
- Mogre.dll
- MogreNewt.dll for Physics (optional)
- MOIS.dll for Input: keyboard, mouse and joystick.

When you compile your project the generate assembly (.exe) must be in the same directory as Mogre.dll, OgreMain.dll, OIS.dll, MOIS.dll, Newton.dll, RenderSystemD3D.dll and all others dlls that you can find in OgreSDK/bin folder..

PD: Remember Mogre is not the same as OgreDotNet (that project is dead).. :lol:


07-05-2008 00:48:09

The wiki has useful informations.

Mogre front page is here:

How to setup is written here: ... Tutorial_0 (step by step)