MogreNewt - Class "BasicFrameListener" not wrapped


06-05-2008 16:04:35


I can't find the class MogreNewt.BasicFrameListener or similar.
It seems so that the author forgot to wrap it.
Is it so?
If yes - is there an easy way to add it?


06-05-2008 20:18:19

The BasicFrameListener class is simply a "helper" class for the OgreNewt demos, it's like ExampleFrameListener for Ogre, so it is not recommended for using beyond learning the basics. If you need it, it is easy to port to C#, you can look at the OgreNewt sources.


19-05-2008 12:12:46

thanks (-:

The call of BasicFrameListener() call is used in Newton_Game_Dynamics wiki site.

If somebody else is confusing - the sources can also be found here:


24-05-2008 13:59:58

@ProfesorX is correct. If you look in "MogreNewt\Samples\Basics\Basics.cs" you'll find this:
// The basic OgreNewt framelistener with time slicing
bool Newton_FrameStarted(FrameEvent evt)