Mogre 1.4.8 Released!


21-05-2008 15:04:47

Mogre v1.4.8

Finally after a few months Mogre 1.4.8 is here, this version fix some bugs, is updated to last OGRE version and fully compatible with VisualStudio2008.

What's new?

  1. -Updated to Ogre 1.4.8 compiled with VS2008
    - Direct3D RenderSystem compiled with DirectX SDK March 2008, you need the runtime or SDK to use this version
    -Change handle type to Normal instead Weak to avoid non-determinisc nulls references when using multithreads (Thanks to Kodachi_Garou)
    -Project code reorganization, now is easier compile mogre from scracth
    -Fix Samples
    -Improved installer[/list:u]
    1. -Add FaceWiding support to fix body rotation and scale in static collision mode (Thanks to ProfesorX)[/list:u]

      How to build mogre from source guid was updated: ... rom_source
      I removed Update to last OGRE version part because it may change in these days.

      Download MogreSDK 1.4.8


22-05-2008 10:55:33


I don't usually post for stuff like this, but I have been waiting for this release for awhile!

Yes I know we can compile ourselves, but to be honets, I am just too lazy!
And its not always a smooth ride...

So...thank you very much for all the work you have been doing so far!


22-05-2008 11:01:07

You say that this version has been compiled with VS2008. Is it necessary for client machine to have VC++ 2008 redistributable installed?

Last time I wanted to use any programme compiled with VS2008 I had to install those runtime libs :/


22-05-2008 14:19:59

thanks codedjinn..

In my PC i have installed VC++ Runtimes 2005 and works nice, also i tested with VC++ Runtime 2008 and works too.

Just test please and tell me if works or not.. :D


22-05-2008 17:23:17

It works OK after downloading the newest DX (march 2008), but I've got about 7% framerate loss:/


22-05-2008 18:05:12

damm microsoft.. :(

Thanks for rememberme that.. main post updated..BTW what operating system and video card do you have??

¿someone else has the same loss of FPS??


23-05-2008 09:59:45

- Windows XP SP3, Intel Core 2 Duo 6600
- Geforce 7950GT


23-05-2008 13:43:40

many thanks for that :)

I'm working with VS2008 too and glad about the awesome MOGRE support.

I had recent projects using Irrlicht, but the .NET port of Irrlicht is weak, compared to MOGRE :)

I'm happy, using such a modern 3D Engine like OGRE with a very nice .NET Wrapper :) *HANDS UP*

many greetings !


23-05-2008 14:21:54

thanks Paddy!! :D

I was searching about Geforce 7950GT issues and DirectX SDK march 2008 i dont found anything.. :?


23-05-2008 19:00:47

i dont have any framerate loss problem on my side

i have an ati radeon x1900 xtx 512mb running windows vista ultimate 64 bits


26-05-2008 16:39:48

I'm having a problem with Debugging using Mogre 1.4.8

When I go to Debug it all compiles fine and then I get the error message

FileLoadException was unhandled

A procedure imported by 'Mogre, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' could not be loaded.

Building a release version works fine. I'm using Visual Studio C# Express 2008. I've previously been using Mogre 1.4.6 without problems. I downloaded the MogreSDK 1.4.8 from the link supplied and changed the system path.

I've looked at the DLLs using DLL Explorer and reckon it might be down to the debug version of the Mogre DLL using the debug versions of the C++ libraries. So does anyone know of an easy to install source of these dlls. Or would it be better to compile the Mogre DLL using the runtime DLLs? As far as I can see this is what Mogre 1.4.6 does.




27-05-2008 11:05:26

Update: Hmm, it seems that now I've rebooted the PC Visual C# is no longer complaining about being unable to load a procedure so I can debug fine.

Still it looks like we need to include the latest visual C++ distributable dlls with our projects.

As far as I can see they're here:

But I haven't tested them on a clean machine. My development PC already has Visual C++ 2008 so I presume the DLLs were supplied with that


28-05-2008 16:59:25

yeah you should need the vc++ 2008 redists from now on


09-12-2008 16:05:45


I would like to have the source file of the image (layers? vector graphic?) that is included in the installer of MogreSDK 1.4.8.
For the lofo I still aked [u]here[/u] 2 months ago, but there was no answer :cry:


16-12-2008 09:54:04

The wiki tell these depencies for Mogre:

* DirectX Redistributables from November 2007
* vcredist_x86.exe / C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

Is this still right or are newer version needed to run Mogre 1.4.8?
(I don't want to write the newest version if it's not needed)


30-12-2008 13:51:01

I just installed Mogre 1.4.8 and I've had a similar issue as JoeC. Installing Mogre and the VC++ 2008 redistributables and then running Mogre didn't work the first time - threw the well-known FileLoadException. A simple reboot helped...

The VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package should be the correct dependency, I don't have the VC++ 2005 Redist installed anymore.
DirectX March 2008 or newer should also be a dependency. The Mogre Installation wiki entry is all about version 1.4.6

About the new project code organization...
First of all, I'm happy to see that it's a lot cleaner now. Thanks to Marioko!
Second, the "include" folder is now called "includes". Could that be changed back to "include" in the next version? Some plugins need that folder to be like the original OgreSDK/include folder and theryby point to a non-existing folder. Anyway, it's only a small misdirection and could be changed easily in my projects.
Third, I wonder where the OIS header files have gone. Aren't they needed anymore? I'm currently experimenting with pagedgeometry-plugin and needed them to compile. Did those files change since the last version 1.4.6?

I'm eager to see the new Mogre 1.6 to be released. However I'm thankful for every new Mogre release! Much appreciated!