Buffers Lock in VB.NET...


22-05-2008 08:23:46

Hi Boys !! :)

How to Lock Vertex and Index buffers in VB.NET ?
I do not find it LOCK function nowhere.

I would like to convert the GetMeshInformation function for the VB.NET.

If somebody did it then already let him publish it ! Please !

(MOGRE v1.4.6)


23-05-2008 11:37:54

Can nobody help? :( :( :(


24-05-2008 13:34:11

You can't find it in VB.NET because it returns a 'void*' pointer.
A workaround is to make a C# wrapper function for it in a dll that calls lock and returns the void* as intptr.

Then from VB.NET you'll call the wrapper function.