Error with a Pass of a Vertex Program


29-05-2008 15:21:23

Hi, I have a problem with a material script.
I'm trying to implement a cg shader, divide in vertex program and fragment program, thought a material, but the apllication fail.
When I compile my aplication appears this:


Debugging step by step, in my Material's target,the Unsupported TechniquesExplanation says:

"Pass 0: Vertex program Examples/ReflectionVP cannot be used - compile error.\n" (where Examples/ReflectionVP is the name of my vertexprogram)

And I don't know what I must do. I think that the error is on the .material, but I don't know how to make it work out.
Does anybody know which can be the problem?or where I can look for help?


29-05-2008 17:58:08

this kind of questions are more releated with OGRE than MOGRE, beacuse mogre is just a small layer over ogre. Try asking the same in OGRE official forums.. but post also your material scripts