Trouble running in VS 2008 Team Edition


04-06-2008 23:12:39

I'm trying to install Mogre. I went through the tutorial in the wiki in order to install the library and I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get around this error I'm getting. I have the binaries installed, my path points to them, the references are added, and the config and media files are copied into my project. Visual studio seems convinced that the libraries are there and will tell me all about them, but for some reason when I try to create an OgreWindow I get a "The specified module could not be found" error. I'm not sure if this is because the system isn't finding the Mogre assemblies, or if it isn't finding the ogre dll's, or if it isn't finding the configuration files, or what. Is there anyone that has an idea what this could be, or is there any way that I could get the system to tell me exactly what it can't find?


05-06-2008 00:23:21

It turns out that the problem is that ogre isn't finding d3dx9_37.dll. I downloaded the november 07 dx sdk, and it installed d3dx9_36.dll? Is the link on the wiki pointed towards the wrong download?


05-06-2008 14:22:14

the last MOGRE version 1.4.8 need DirectX SDK or runtime version March 2008..:D

I think the wiki is out-date, i going to update it


05-06-2008 18:59:41

Yep, I needed the march 08 download. Thanks for the help.


28-08-2008 08:21:02

To confirm I installed Mogre fresh (I had and same problem) then installed the DirectX SDK 2008 (August) installation and it works fine.