I have aproblem unhanled


14-06-2008 13:22:34

can any one help me
my first try with mogre I have aproblem
and this apic for aproblem

plz help me to solve it and begin to prog my game :D


14-06-2008 13:48:18

make sure you have installed vcredist_x86.exe that is the VC++ Runtime

Download from here:
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mogre/ ... g_mirror=0


15-06-2008 08:44:49

make sure you have installed vcredist_x86.exe that is the VC++ Runtime

Download from here:
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mogre/ ... g_mirror=0

thx man for helping :D

but why i'm need the vcredist ???
I will use c# ??


15-06-2008 10:15:59


i'm download it but the problem steal


19-06-2008 08:36:38


plz any one help me

i want start with morge


19-06-2008 10:15:48

Have you got all the ogre dlls in the same folder as where the mogre dll is executed? If not they all need to sit in the same folder as the exe.


19-06-2008 22:44:06

i do this man but the problem stay ?????
i will try again


23-06-2008 14:56:24

Take a look into Windows' System Management Console (MMC). Browse to Event Viewer / Application and see if there are any "Side-by-Side"-errors. Usually they tell you why it couldn't load a dll.


24-06-2008 20:34:48

thx man i will try agin


24-06-2008 21:02:26

Can you show us the code you're trying to run? Is it from one of the tutorials on the wiki?


26-06-2008 12:11:12

i can't run any code :cry:


26-06-2008 14:11:45

can you try MOGRE 1.4.8 in another computeR??


26-06-2008 18:17:18

Hi, I am a newbie and I have just run several very simple codes.
I also faced this problem before and I have my guesses on some possible scenarios. These are likely wrong and I hope somebody to correct me since these strange phenomenons troubled me for about a week. Though solved by my accidental luck, I hope no one is bothered by these difficulties again.
1) try install 1.4.6 :
the default directory for 1.4.8 is c:/MogreSDK and it shares the same MogreFramework.dll with, whose path is c:/OrgeSDK as it appeared on the wiki. I think this might be a problem?
2) the Path variable:
Any new software that alters the path variable should append its path at the tail of the variable. After I installed Maya and the installer changed the path from the front and my Mogre cannot run untill I move the alternation to the end.
Are the two above mentioned really causing anything to go wrong? I hope some more experienced people to help us out here.


27-06-2008 13:13:12

About the variables...

First: In my experience the PATH-variable isn't really needed. It may just make some things easier since you can access the dlls from every folder. I don't have the PATH-variable set to any Ogre folder and my project is working fine. To be honest I don't know exactly where setting the variable might help. Maybe it's only needed for the Mogre build process.

Second: The OGRE-HOME-variable which is being set from the Installer. Same thing here. You don't really need it to run Mogre. It's just getting the samples running easier since the compiled files are all copied to the same output directory.

Almost all problems I and probably most of you had while installing Mogre and trying to make it run were coming from wrong dll references, wrong folders or filenames in the config files, or just the VC8 debug/release issue. The biggest problem when you start using Mogre is that you don't have a clue at first and then accidently mix up the debug/release dlls very fast. One wrong reference is enough to overwrite a correct one with a wrong one. Just my 2 cents...