MogreNewt and terrain


16-06-2008 09:10:35

need to know how i can use MogreNewt with terrain

did search but can't find any example
the support here is great but can't find any example for Mogre & MogreNewt


16-06-2008 11:33:28

did search the forum again and what i understood that i cant use the TSM with MogreNewt and i have to use something called PLSM2 that it's not supported in Mogre :? is this mean that i can't use MogreNewt with the terrain that i have in the scene ?

is there any way to do that without using the PLSM2!!

i don't need a complex physics i only need collision with terrain and to keep my nodes on the terrain so they don't fly or go above the terrain !

is it possible?


17-06-2008 07:44:09

anyone !!! :o


24-06-2008 11:50:49

With Terrain Scene Manager it's not working. Until now I didn't use PLSM2, but if I remember right it's an extended version of TSM and should be similar to use. You also can take just one page for the full terrain I think.
Is PLSM2 available for Mogre?
Sorry I don't know more.

An other way would be to rebuild a mesh of the heightmap and then convert it to a collision body. To do so send rays vertically on many places and check for hits with terrain to get the height.
To improve startup speed you can save the resulting mesh in a file and load it again on next start instead of ray checking again.
Here I wrote how to use rays with Mogre: