collision and physics status/preference?


24-06-2008 13:19:03

Interested in which collision/physics packages are (c#) compatible with Mogre. I notice that Newton is now included. What happened to OdeNet? And which collision librarys are available/preferred? ... are there any substantial docs on their c# wrappers anywhere? ... thx


25-06-2008 18:19:23

as far as i know... only mogrenewt exist as a mogre compatible physics engine ...


25-06-2008 23:32:36

you can use any Physics Engine you want with MOGRE, even pure C++ physics engine like PhysX or Havok. Because you can using C++/CLI to link MOGRE (C#) and the Target PhsycsEng (C++), but that is more difficult. Also if you can get a C# wrapped physics engine the interconnection is easier. But again you need link Mogre SceneNodes with physics nodes (that is the normal thing that everybody need to do).

We already has a great physics engine linked with mogre(bodies->sceneNode) , MogreNewt, that is because dodongo said: "only mogrenewt exist as a mogre compatible physics engine ..."

With MogreNewt you can start with phsyics out of the box with few steeps.