Grayscale Error?


26-06-2008 03:13:43

I have made a grayscale heightmap but, when I put it and get it all correct. It gives me:

20:59:11: OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Error: Image is not a grayscale image. in HeightmapTerrainPageSource::requestPage at ..\src\OgreHeightmapTerrainPageSource.cpp (line 210)

It is only black and gray there is no way that it is not grayscale. Anyone have a solution to this?


01-07-2008 05:07:22

I'm not a guru or anything.. i believe it has something to do with the headers of the file if its not a true gray-scale image it wont work... what i mean is you cant just use gray scale colors you have to have the image itself in gray-scale mode.. if that makes since... what photo software are you using?


03-07-2008 20:29:27

I was using like heightmap creating software which saves in grayscale but, then I just drew a pure black one in Paint.


04-07-2008 08:53:29

now i don't know about the map editor but paint doesn't actually offer a true gray scale image you can use white black and gray colors but they are still technically colors you need to use photo shop or gimp to get a real gray scale image.. when you create a file using these programs you can choose to use a gray scale image and how many bits. the example terrain is build on a 8 bit gray scale image...

... now if im wrong i hope someone corrects me :)