Error running examples


08-07-2008 22:19:17

So I've overcome many many obstacles before this one trying to get Mogre running. Seriously the installer needs to just do this and the wiki tutorials that everyone around here seems to link do NOT fix everything. Just as an example the current project still looks to the local dir for it's .cfg files, and the installer puts them elsewhere.

But I eventually figured those out since the exceptions actually gave a clue as to what was wrong. This one on the other hand... I'm a bit stumped.

When I execute the example I get an "Assert failed!" in file "d:\cubicalminds\mogreworld\mogre\ogre...\ogreroot.ccp". Well considering my D: is a my CD drive and is currently empty then yeah it's not going to find that file there. Why is there a hardcoded path anywhere in this application? And how can I fix it?


08-07-2008 23:44:47

Oi, figured it out eventually, sorta. It builds in release mode but not in debug still not entirely sure why since I haven't changed anything related...

Just read the thread on statically linking Mogre up into one big assembly and it's getting a big thumbs up from me. If I hadn't used Ogre in the past and *really* liked it I'd have said screw this a long time ago and moved on to something easier to get running.