Embeded ogre render window in a control under VB Expres 2008


19-07-2008 15:31:43


I want to embeded ogre render window into a picture box include in a frm in VB .net.

All works fine, if I try to embeded into the form (exept ogre capturing mouse), I use C# exemple of mogre wiki.....

in my code, I put this :

misc("externalWindowHandle") = Me.Handle.ToString

Of course, 'Me' is my form. But if I use this instead :
misc("externalWindowHandle") = Me.splOgre.Panel2.Handle.ToString

I see nothing at all in my form, exept my split container...

I try to embeded into a picture box put into my panel of splitcontainer but it doesn't work to....

Is someone have a clue...?