MOGRE Editable Terrain Manager download


25-07-2008 22:41:13

I am having problems with MOGRE Editable Terrain Manager.
The precompiled one linked just gives me a memory read error message when I try to run the example or bind to the library. I'm thinking it may be related to the Mogre release begin newer?

I've tried to compile it, but I am getting link errors for a missing "and.obj", which I cannot find, and the project does not look to include anything with that name directly.

Anyone have any thoughts?
or, could anyone post copy that's compiled for the latest mogre?



26-07-2008 07:28:15


I have uploaded a new version of MET linked against the latest version of Mogre. I have also included a short guide on how to compile it =)

I'll post it here as well =)
- Get Editable Terrain Manager
- Compile it against the modified Mogre headers and lib files
- Open up the MET project
- Change all the paths to ETM and link against Mogre header, lib and reference the Mogre assembly
- Hit "Build all"
- Done