[Unoffical] MOGRE 1.4.9


28-07-2008 07:50:10

I was getting the mipmap corruption issue with 1.4.8 and the NVidia 175.19 drivers, so I decided to quickly build MOGRE against OGRE 1.4.9. The headers were basically identical between 1.4.8 and 1.4.9, so all I needed to do was drop in the source and make the appropriate OgreException.cpp changes.

All the version numbers are ticked up to 1.4.9 as well. I've been using it in my own project since yesterday with no issues, but I don't use OIS/MOIS, so I hope I did that part of the build correctly. This is of course unofficial and just a stop gap until we get an official 1.4.9 release. If you have any issues that are specific to this build (as in, I broke something, not some generic MOGRE/OGRE issue), post here and I'll give it a look.

Link: http://www.gnometank.net/MogreSDK_1.4.9.exe

I can guarantee it left my HDD without a virus or a trojan, but you should always virus check files before running them.