My application is online


08-08-2008 17:58:11


After 3 weeks of pain and labour, I'm proud to anounce that my application is at your disposal for those who want to learn how to use mogre and mogrenewt under VB 2008.

Certainly it can be optimised or upgraded, feel free to do what you want. Just tell me what you made.

I made this source because I found a lack of source under VB and I think it can help someone to use Ogre under tis IDE.

You can find all the stuff here (in french) : ... 47551.aspx

and a picture :

For now, I adapt the code into a class to use it more efficiently.

Best regards.


12-08-2008 16:23:01

So it is the class to re use in oter program here : ... 47581.aspx

Have fun