Camera problem


17-08-2008 18:03:24

I am new to Mogre and i absolutely love it :)
It was easy to setup and get it to work and such.
I started out with some tutorials ofcourse but i seem to have a problem.
I cannot rotate the camera?
I need to hold right mouse button and when i rotate it some more it seems that it cant turn any further.
But actually the mouse is at the end of the screen (not the game window but the desktop screen if u know what i mean)
How can i solve this problem?
That i can view normally without the right mouse button like the examples.
I think its also kinda confusing that the examples do use the exampleApplication and the tutorials in the wiki do not.
I think thats where the problem lies that the exampleApplication uses another camera thingie :P
Anyways thanks for reading!


18-08-2008 03:04:03

Try using the relative property for mouse movements rather then position (assuming you're using MOIS)


18-08-2008 15:08:37

Well actually im a total newbie :oops:
So i am just following the tutorials.
Can you please explain what you mean?


18-08-2008 17:31:56

If you're going based on tutorial 4 then you're using windows forms input. Switch over to MOIS, it will make your life easier.

The problem you're experiencing is that tutorial 4 calculates mouse movement based on how far the mouse has moved in terms of screen position since last frame. Since windows is preventing the mouse from changing screen position once it hits an edge, it's not moving as far as your program is concerned. MOIS doesn't have that limitation.


18-08-2008 17:46:17

Thank you very much!
Ill be sure to read the article while i have the time for it.
(School just started again and im in the exam year so i dont know if i have much time :P)