Where can I find Mogre source code zip file?


27-08-2008 12:46:41

Hello everybody!Now I need Mogre source,where can I download?

Thanks for any help!

I'm so sorry about my poor English!


27-08-2008 20:59:04

There is not zip, you must download the sources from SVN:



28-08-2008 12:03:56

:lol: ProfesorX,Thank you very much!


28-08-2008 18:19:07

You also can download all files comprimized to one archive:
Click: Download GNU tarball


29-08-2008 11:26:58

Thank you ,Beauty!
But ,now I met a new problem in building Mogre from source!I according to tutorial in wiki,I'am failed and get lots of error like this:

error LNK2001: 无法解æž


29-08-2008 17:19:53

Which tutorial?

Here Marioko wrote how to compile Mogre:
www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Building_ ... rom_source

Just for using Mogre you don't need to compile it.
Then you can use the dll files of MogreSDK:
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mogre/ ... irror=osdn


01-09-2008 02:12:23

Thank you ,beauty!
Yes,I according to this tutorial that you say!
I need to give a strong name for Mogre,so I have to recomplie the source of Mogre. :cry:

Is there any otherway to give a strong name for Mogre,or anybody can supply the Mogre SDK that be gave strong name?

I'm so sorry about my poor English!
Thanks ,again!