Can't find some methods of Serializer class in Mogre


08-09-2008 14:33:04

Hi --

Maybe I'm missing something ( I am still relatively new to C#), but I'm trying to convert some C++ code to C# and some methods of the Serializer class don't seem to represented in Mogre. My class is based on Serializer, and in this case the methods I cannot find are readShorts and readFileHeader; here's the snippet where I have the problem (Visual Studio flags these functions as not available):

DataStreamPtr stream = ResourceGroupManager.Singleton.OpenResource(filename);

// Check header

UInt16 numBones;

// Read number of bones needed for this animation
readShorts(stream, numBones, 1);

According to the API these are protected member functions, so they should be available to my class which is based on Serializer, right?. Should I be calling them in a different way?

Thanks in advance for any help.