debugging problem


19-09-2008 21:48:12

I am using Mogre SDK 1.4.8 in VS2005 SP1.

I cant debug the FrameStarted and FrameEnd events.

mRoot = new Root();
mRoot.FrameStarted += new FrameListener.FrameStartedHandler(FrameStarted);
mRoot.FrameEnded += new FrameListener.FrameEndedHandler(FrameEnded);
protected virtual bool FrameStarted(FrameEvent e)
If I place a breakpoint into this method the app just freeze out...
return true;

I cant use C:\MogreSDK\bin\Debug\... dlls..., because a run-time exception raising:
The „Mogre, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=nullâ€


20-09-2008 11:56:35

Solved! In VS2008 works fine!!!