Problem with obtaining MogreFramework


22-09-2008 21:10:26


Going steb-by-step with Mogre Basic Tutorial 0 I have to get MogreFramework.dll needed in tutorials. I cannot build project with the one outdated provided and cannot download the recommended one from the SVN @ . At the SVN there is no needed dll neither in bin nor release directory of TestFramework and MorgeFramework, and to build MorgeFramework.dll by myself I still need the MorgeFramework.dll as reference in project :P Trying to build it with reference to the outdated dll I receive errors about incompatibility.
I am using VS2k8 and WinXP.
Would it be possible for anyone to share that dll or staff to update the SVN ?

Thanks in advance.


23-09-2008 17:51:06

yes. i'ts correct, there isn't binaries in SVN, only source code.

You don't need old MogreFramework to compile new MogreFramework (that's non sense) but you need to DELETE old reference to Mogre, and add a reference to the new Mogre.


23-09-2008 19:25:36

Stupid me, I've tried to build the whole project - MogreFramework with TestFramework using the 'MogreFramework.sln' in the main directory, that's why building previously it(TF) requied that dll ^^'
Too little coffee... ;)

Thanks for help :)