MogreNewt serious problem! pls help!


29-09-2008 19:38:13

Ok, i really didnt want to do this but i'm desperate.
i've been trying to use mogrenewt physics in my
program and i just got some code from the example.
it is really simple actually, i dont need to show the code.
I got the code for "box shooting". and it work.
at least the part where u press spacebar and a box is created
but for some reason the update() methond doesnt update anything.
I checked, and the program goes to that line of code, and call the mWorld.Update(somefloathere), but the boxes are not moving.

there are no compiling errors, and the program runs just fine.
but itz all static!

i'm going mad about this.... plz help!


----just tried this now: if i remove the line with body.setposition(...)
they body will move properly...i have to check if it is true, but still it moves.