[C++] Intercept OGRE's Log


29-09-2008 22:47:17

Ok, this is the deal, I'd normally use a LogListener inherited class for doing this, but in Mogre, this class is declared as abstract sealed....

Wich makes the thing impossible, because it's abstract, I mean, I can't instantiate it without doing inherit&implement, and more, it's sealed, so, I can't inherit that class, so, that's the problem =/

I'm Talking about Mogre::LogListener...

Any other way of gettin' the Ogre Log Output at runtime?

Dew â–º

Edit :

Spanish Error :

error C3246: 'Test' : no se puede heredar de 'Mogre::LogListener', ya que se ha declarado como 'sealed'
c:\develop\mogresdk\bin\release\mogre.dll : vea la declaración de 'Mogre::LogListener'


30-09-2008 01:20:49

In Mogre you use the events of the Log class for that, something like:
LogManager.Singleton.DefaultLog.MessageLogged += new LogListener.MessageLoggedHandler(DefaultLog_MessageLogged);