Animation of rotations problem (pictures and video inside)


08-10-2008 12:58:38


I have a little problem.

I have to animate a kite by knowing different attitude of it base on quaternion. For says, I have 8 basic states all defines by a quaternion.

When kite move, I can pass from one state to another with a certain speed.

I know starting state, final state and all intermediate state that I need, so I can queue it, to dequeue when needed in animationframe (I always do for altitude).

So how can I compute the fact to pass from a quaternion to another?

Beside this, I have to play in the same time with roll pitch and yaw of the kite, because my quaternion gives 8 basic states, bu on a state, my kite can be places from a certain angle in either axis.

The technique is that I applied basic state then the angles needed, and so on during animation, exept that I don't know how to do.

FOr know, I achieve to place my kite in sarting state but not to move it to final state.

I will try tonight to put a video somewhere to show what I mean.

So, first some pictures to explain the 8 states (we call it postures):


Opposed :

Reverse :

Plunge :

Dead :

Turtle :

Fade :

Belly :

And an example of a composed posture (Standard on right 35°)

As I say upward, all basic postures are made of quaternion then, if I have rotations, I apply a roll, pitch and yaw as needed.

And now, a video, to show you in function, it's a basic figure in indoor Kiting, it's called a 360 on righ with kites passing from ground to a giving altitude (with some move in the gymnasium to show the works . :D )


09-10-2008 09:33:43

If found this :

I think that will resolve my problem, just to understand and aplying now....