Mouse Picking


13-10-2008 12:17:06

Hello I am beginner in Mogre. I should need a easy example of mouse picking.I ma trying to translate one example from C ++ but without any success.thx


13-10-2008 12:24:28

Hi micro.cosmo,

Please, always look at the Wiki before posting here ;)



20-10-2008 11:28:28

Hello,thank you for your example.This is exactly what I need but I have one question about that.I would like to move with object such a way that I can see them from perspective. But the only way a can do it was freeze camera´s view on this particular vektor

camera.Orientation = new Quaternion(1, 0, 0, 0);
camera.Pitch(new Degree(270));

Moving of object through this code :
snode.Position = new Vector3(x, 0, z);
x is mouse motion x a z mouse motion y .

The main problem is that I turn left cameras view about 180 degrees object move immediately on oppossite site (right side) .


23-10-2008 02:28:19

I'm not shure what you mean and with the video I can't do anything :?

Do you read Orientation values from a SceneNode and try to get euler angle values from it?
If you do so and use the read value for a rotation then it can happen that the rotations are not like you want (e.g. the target node is upside down).
Calculation of Quaternion -> euler angles is not unique.

Maybe this wiki pages can somehow help? ... _solutions ... ion_Primer