How can I use Mogre.SimpleRenderable ?


14-10-2008 02:59:51

A protected constructor ?? I can not create an instance of SimpleRenderable.

And a native pointer is required! I can not inherit from it neither!

does anybody know how to use it?


15-10-2008 10:08:43

I never used this function.
Maybe you find helpful information in the Ogre API? ... rable.html

Alternatively you can use other ways to render?
For this you can look to the tutorials:


15-10-2008 13:37:24

SimpleRenderable is meant to be subclassed and this is not as simple as making a C# class inherit from it. Technically it's quite complicated since the native Ogre class also needs to be overrided, all methods should defer to the C# methods and all fields (public/protected) should be usable on the .NET side.

Currently you can't use SimpleRenderable like that, but how did you intend to use it ? Did you try ManualObject ?


30-10-2008 08:48:10

thanks guys.

I have tried manualobject. It's not fast enough.

finally, I made a c++ class inherit from SimpleRenderable and ... I warpped this class for .NET

it works well.


30-10-2008 14:24:04

Do you mean you made a new tiny wrapper to use an Ogre funktion and it work similar to ManualObject?

Do you create a new object for every frame?

How much performance improvement you have?