Big problem concerning rotation point and orientation


24-10-2008 09:38:02


What I want to do is to precalculate animation of a man. For this, I have key points to move from one to another, but, sometimes, I have to have my man to do circle so I have to compute a centre for that circle, sometime on his letf sometimes on is right. I use comptutation on square triangle to do that. All work fine, exept when my man change direction that's it look to ther worl axes or from the worl axes. It's more matématical problem than ogre problem but if I post here is perhaps there is some function that I don't know in mogre that can achieve some of my question like changing repere or stuff like that. I try to put sphere attach to my man, but during computation, my man don't move so I have no notion of position or orientation of my man....HELP!


29-10-2008 12:30:36

I can't help you with this problem.
But for generally questions like this it's better to ask in the Ogre main forum, because there are much more user than here.


29-10-2008 17:42:21

I resolve the problem by another way than mathematics, directly with mogre